Business Planning

Too often, I have had it said to me by business owners – “I don’t need a business plan – I know what I want to achieve for my business and how to get there”. Seriously? Well, as fortunes would have it, I also know that many of these same businesses have gone to the wall … failed. Clearly, they were wrong in their views or they would still be around today!

Trying to start up a business or growing an existing one without a solid Business Plan is akin to attempting to travel to a strange country without a passport, without a map, without being able to speak the language, without knowing the local mores and customs, having no money and being blind into the bargain. A true recipe for disaster!

A business owner needs to account for so many factors when running a business … or planning to launch one:

# Competition #Marketing #Finance #Staffing #Goals #Customer Success Strategies #Exit Strategy #Business Contingency Planning … and the list goes on.

It’s only a stroke of luck that a business can keep going and even more so for it to become profitable without a Business Plan. It doesn’t require a document that rivals “War and Peace” in length or complexity. It does however require commitment – commitment to establish a plan and stick to it, bearing in mind that it must have the flexibility to allow the business to adapt to changing conditions, expected or otherwise.

If you don’t know where to start in setting up your Business Plan, we can guide you in the right direction – give you the appropriate tools and means to allow you to give it your best shot.

All you need do is contact us for an initial chat on 0425 1444 76 or send us an email at with any pointed questions you may wish to ask before proceeding any further. 

A great, successful business doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication and hard work, defined strategic thinking and implementation and most of all – Planning!

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