Honeycomb – one of the great masterpieces of nature. Our logo was first devised and used by us some 30 years ago as we believed it to be highly symbolic of a successful business generally, as well as being representative of the business planning and development processes. Bees are well-recognised for their organised and industrious ways. We as business owners could learn some valuable lessons from them.
Each honeycomb “cell” while being self-contained, at the same time forms an essential part of the overall productive hive – a picture of true cohesiveness. In a successful business, these same principles apply – the cohesive integration of solid business planning, marketing, staffing, finance and customer service. There are many facets that go into creating success – these are just some of the key ones.
We are great believers in the importance of SERVICE and MARKETING to a business – ANY business, be it large or small. This is where TMC excels – helping clients to improve their Marketing and Client Success Strategies with the ultimate goal of INCREASED PROFITS.
Our principal advisor and founder, Phil Manhire, was a multi-award winner for over three decades in the financial services industry. He has held ‘money workshops’ for international ultra-high-net-worth individuals and for many years in Australia he ran a highly successful and profitable financial planning practice geared to assisting HNW individuals protect and grow their financial assets.
Phil ManhirePhil’s extensive experience (and success) includes Customer service planning, Systems management, Staff management, Estate planning, Retail marketing, Real estate sales & management, Copy writing and editing, Social media marketing, Practice management, Financial planning & management, Blog writing and publishing, Technology broking, Public speaking, Journalism, Radio show hosting and Staff training & motivation.
However, it’s not just Phil’s leadership and expertise that makes for a company that can help you grow your business and protect it.
Our company is also able to call upon a myriad of skills across all areas that encompass starting and maintaining a successful business – areas such as IT systems, Accounting, Insurance, Property investing and management, Employment services, Legal and much, much more.
For an insight into how we may be able to assist you in your business, we encourage you to either call us on 0452 1444 76 for a chat or reach out to us at hello@staging2.themanhireconsultancy.com.au with any questions that you may have. No pressure – we would just love to hear from you!
Our mission is to provide you, the business owner, with REAL WORLD STRATEGIC ADVICE & GUIDANCE with integrity, efficiency, professionalism and along the way – a degree of fun.

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